Berny Impact

Social welfare

1. The company established the Bernie branch of Guangming District Library, set up special funds to ensure the normal operation and maintenance of the library, and served the community with heart for the purpose of public welfare.

2. The company provides free public service space for the Time Valley Party and Mass Service Center, undertakes the obligation of property security services, and strives to promote the harmonious construction of the community.

3. Practicing social welfare and providing students with social practice activities in the second classroom.

4. Participate in donating to schools based on the principle of one's ability, and strive to give back to the society.

5. Actively participate in social organizations (industry associations, chambers of commerce, etc.), take up responsibilities in various ways and serve the society within the limits of their ability.

6. Participate in charitable organizations (Shenzhen Lions Club) and other non-profit organizations, and participate in charitable activities.

7. Encourage employees to participate in various public welfare and charitable activities in their personal name