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Early 1990s

Destined Journey

Shortly after graduating from university, Mr. Fred Chu came to Bern, the capital of Switzerland.

On the streets of this city, he saw chic and elegant watch shops with different styles everywhere. In the watch shop, he saw a dazzling array of exquisite watches, the staff was courteous, and the service was professional.

Every detail he saw reflected the profound cultural heritage of Switzerland, the world's watch capital. Mr. Chu was deeply impressed by the superb Swiss watchmaking skills.

After returning to China, Mr Chu, in awe of the watchmaking skills and historical culture of mankind, was determined to promoting the development of China's watch industry, so he voluntarily gave up his position in state-owned enterprises and devoted himself to the research of watchmaking technology and craftsmanship.



Mr. Chu founded the watch brand BERNY in Shenzhen, which was named after Bern, the capital of Switzerland, and pays tribute to the world's watch kingdom.


Engraving with Passion

For 30 years, under the leadership of Mr. Chu, the BERNY brand has focused on the design and manufacture of watches, adhering to the craftsman’s ingenuity and continuous innovation and development.

It has become a time-honored brand in Shenzhen and a national high-tech enterprise, and is an established watch brand in the Chinese Time Valley, where Mr Chu built his R&D and manufacturing base.

In June 2017, the Shenzhen Watch Industry awarded Mr. Chu as a meritorious figure for the 30th anniversary of the industry, commending him for his outstanding contributions to the development of China's watch industry.


To Be Continued

Today, BERNY watches are exquisite and of exceptional quality that are loved by consumers all over the world.

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